Monday, December 27, 2010

bad girl

no, not me, the camera
do i get all my clothes off
guess what
the camera acts up
it was exhilarating though
as always
naked in the snow

Ahhh but this me...
i like to be bad too
who would have thought that
(you probably)
how this all and later this blog innocently started, spiritually really, loving oneself, being, in the moment.......
now see where it got me
i love to fall in love
have sex in odd places
talk dirty to you
just how i used to be
as a teenager yes
God forbid
i won't start drinking with the guys
i rather liked that too

run !


  1. your spirit is contagious!

    just yesterday i walked and it crawled up me, this new awareness, that i'll be damned, i am who i always wanted to be. i'm far from perfect. don't even always like myself. never wanted for that. but i am free.

    i see you being you.


  2. Yes, not a good idea to go drink with the guys.

  3. Life joyous, theme-tight work. Great line breaks on this - short, sharp, uber-effective.

  4. the picture have bad tits and pussy and all of body