Tuesday, December 21, 2010

this Rio river

this Rio river
i forgot it's nameit's called a river
but it's just water
flowing through all rock
deep and awesome rock

it's a peaceful creek
you think
but you don't see that it is thundering down just a few feet away you don't see that my life is about to change all i had about to evaporate the spray it does create

i am sculpted in the rock


  1. Hey my friend - life between the river the rock and you

    Thanks for coming by One Shot

    Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas

    Moonie hugs

  2. Interesting progression. I felt that way at Arches. As though I were one with the color and the age and the universe. happy holidays and a prosperous 2011. Gay @beachanny

  3. Thanks!
    The Arches! I have to visit them next time.
    I need rock, to be who i am.

  4. Cheers for celebrating the feeling of being connected with nature. Happy Holidays!

  5. shed of clothes and standing as nature intended a good unity of rock and soul...cheers for sharing..pete