Thursday, December 16, 2010

the path I'm on

you know
i know
i am all sex
that's all there is to it
I love to make love
i love to love
i love to be loved

and i know
there is many ways to love
and it's not all sex
but sex is a good one
you know it
and i do too


  1. It's the intimacy of offering all
    skin flesh and beneath and beyond
    laying together with the quivering of a thigh
    and the soul opened bare like a flower

    yup, pretty damned fine:)


  2. i love the freedom you offer here of youself,
    in your giving to us who you are. it is quite beautiful, so honest.


  3. Jozien, you gather friends. I am pleased to be in the company of Robert and Erin.

    Almost There

    You squat near my sex,
    squat on top as on a hill,
    your gaze on distance,
    on the view beyond
    as you prepare to receive
    the changes love brings
    while I am the clay
    lifted this high up above
    the old valley life.

  4. I missed this 55?
    Sorry Katrin....
    Love your Poetry My friend.
    Thanks for playing...Galen