Wednesday, January 12, 2011


erratics protect

my love for you melts the snow

who says, it is cold?

Thanks to hot Steve i was inspired to try my first Haiku. Any suggestion are welcome, i am totally new to the art.

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  1. My name is Steve...but only several who know me call me "hot" Steve. And I don't know whether I'm sad or glad, that Steve Isaak is 'hot'. I'll probably never find it out!--grin!

    Wondering if you came to my blog in error? At any rate it is now the Fourth Dimension where I write...ha!

    After looking around your place here, I am really impressed with your talent, your honesty, your 'giving' nature, especially your obvious LOVE of nature.

    What always happens, when my expectations are low, there is a surprise in store, and you, Ma'am are IT! I'm following you, but not stalking, OK? Be back soon. Thanks for these refreshingly honest well-written words--and, of course, the honest (you are you!) photos. WHO takes the pics?