Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i cry

just someones music
someone very talented
send it to me
i cry
because today
i do not know
i feel so soft and vulnerable
i am so blessed
but who am i
You know, these amazingly beautiful things happen to me, for me, around me, asked of me, because they believe in me, but here am i,
and feel my only talent is
to be there
for you
to lay in your arms all day
to pleasure you
to pleasure me
again i ask
is that my
no poet, no writer, nor artist
just me
loving you and loving me
can life be just that?
music send to me by coyotesings
and i found him at


  1. Your words create stunning images, questions forever to be unanswered but by each of us in our own way, yet answers forever changing.

  2. We are so grand in a moment but so small in every other, with no real purpose but to be here and exercise that being as we are. So yes, languish and love. This is your job.

    And who said that this is not art?