Monday, January 10, 2011

i don't know why

i get so luckyliving like a lush
when the sun shines upon my skin
i know that things are good
not to long ago i went in the dark of night
to visit my dearest friend
half an hours walk
straight through the woods
not even stars where shining
i nearly do get lost
feeling snug in my warm snow suit
then again i know
that i am always safe and sound
and taking care of
is that why?
when my computer almost crashes
i just have to make a call
and friends they help me out
and do more for me
than i expected

i know i have too many boyfriends right now
but it sure
comes in handy


  1. Good set-up, LOL end-stanza (that at once also rings true, I imagine).

  2. Last three lines crack me up.

    I imagine you out there are night moving through the trees. Hell, I imagine me out at night doing that. Difference being that you do it. Holy holy. Would I love to act so freely through the woods.


  3. Too many boyfriends only comes in handy if they get the job done! ;)

  4. oh they got the job done Eric! ehh which job actually, that one? almost:)
    Erin, i grew up in the country side, where as fairly young children, we would ride our bikes to evening activities, so i grew up with finding my way in the dark.