Saturday, October 23, 2010

even i

am not always in the position to undress. but, i had this 'vision' and wanted to add a photo to it.
I sometimes have these images appear in my mind. They seem to come out of the blue and are not something i have seen before, it is not a memory. It also is not a dream. It's a flash that i see when i am awake. I don't know if there is a terminology for it. I also don't know if everybody gets them, although i think most of us do. But what do you do with them, they don't seem to relate to anything. Or do they?

she stood naked
in soft light
not harsh as i imagine desert light to be
all calm and content
not caught or distressed as one would assume
there is a coil of barbed wire
around her legs
below the knees
barefooted in the yellow sand
and endless desert
flowing without horizon
she easily could step out
slender with beautiful hips
not as i see mine

1 comment:

  1. beautiful sight. you are open. perhaps that is it? if you are open you receive?

    i see periods of time, not as though i am watching a movie, but as though i fall through time itself and sometimes fall into it. a chair, a bed, a bowl, a window with a curtain blowing, a formica topped table, footsteps, a brush, an Oriental man, bloodlet red material in a dressing room. it is strange, but i don't fear it. i invite it. i want to go. i wish to be taken.

    i love the juxtaposition of you clothed and yet your mind naked.