Monday, October 11, 2010

summer seems

so long ago
and the summer before that one
where did that one go?
i just visited a little book
with notes
is it really that long ago?
we would phone right around this time
69, 6 your time and 9 mine
tuesday morning, monday night
Hey! phone me now!
I would love to hear your voice
laugh with you the way we did
to know what you are up to
but most of all
i want you to know
no, i never did get over you
it's just
that nowadays you are a fleeting thought
it's just
my boyfriend's out of town tonight


  1. ah memories...sometimes lovely...sometimes they hurt...

  2. dirty pictures

  3. please you don't open ur pussy this like any fox or wild cat may be think it is a shelter and they will stay there take care