Sunday, October 3, 2010

for my sister

Hi sis, i know when i was your age :) i didn't think certain things aesthetically enough to print. You know who taught me to appreciate pictures just like this.

Me here now, some go through it much younger than i do, and i hope some much older too. And maybe some never do, they don't have too.

I love this liberation, and i know i am not quite there, when i'm in the forest and i feel this wave of love welling up from somewhere deep inside, flowing through my heart. I wonder is that what an orgasm is like? You tell me.
Last night i reach an extreme state of pleasure, but ..... somewhere my husband's nail pinched some sensitive skin, and it all disappeared. And even if the love making was very pleasant after, again i did not reach an orgasm.

My husband he is perfect! Just because i am not:) We had a few days of real struggle, where as you maybe understood from previous post, i want a freer life, and he did not. Today is the day we set a side to talk it all out.
mmmmmm it was quite sweet, he looks forward to be be a month without me, and what i do, he lets me free.
He knows what i intend to do with that freedom, and that's enough, no details please.

These trees, growing along side individually, connected by the hip.
That's love for me.


  1. Hi christopher, that husband of mine, he surprises me too :) was that what you smiled about?
    x Katrin