Friday, October 15, 2010


Of course reading a book like this (For Yourself-Lonnie Barbach) always has an aspect that makes me think; well i am different. But the common factor, having troubles with orgasm: i am quite normal.
So today i read most of the day and did the exercises i came upon.
-She suggest a series of Kegel's , 3 times a day. I could those! wow. I do like to add though that a few years ago i started having trouble with incontinence, and back then i discovered i had lost most strength in my PC muscles., Which i have regained since, but still have to work on.

-I did talk to a girlfriend; she suggested to masturbate when i feel bad. ( i usually say; play with myself, but i am taking this serious:) Which i did! Not a day goes by, luckily, to feel bad of some kind, for a moment. When she suggested it, i did feel a slight panic; now you will have it i will feel good all day and don't have an opportunity to try it out. So i did try that out. and you know it was surprisingly pleasant. I would have never thought of that! (no orgasm though)

- I wrote my mom .(she didn't answer the phone)

-Then there is this thing that you have to say, no, to three things and yes to three others. This is hard for me, because i already pretty much do as i please, and do ask for things. Which is behind that exercises. I haven't figure this one out yet. I considered not bringing in wood, but i like bringing in wood. I did prepare dinner the way i like it and not the way my husband prefers it, but i already mostly do that anyway, because he is hard to please as it is, and for years i already know, that it is best to please me and often in the process it will please him. Which i do see as a bonus. So any suggestion here are welcome, do i have to look at it more subtle? Or do something so outrages i have never even thought of it. Or just accept, that is not were my problem lays? As in knowing , in that area i am on top. Arriba!

-And one more thing i did, look at my body for 15 minutes. Well there's another one, i am good at. I which might be obvious, love my body. No false pretense is required here. I love my skin, i love my veins, i love to touch me, i love my.... on and on. Ha! i really don't like my face very much. Well now that is a surprise, but not really, i like lots about it and i don't even mind the wrinkles, or my uneven teeth, but there is something about it???
Ha! (All this writing here is journal writing as in, i am discovering me while i write.)
so now i have already learned through the Tao of sexuality and such readings and listening to friends who have more expertise on the subject. That our mouth is very related to our genitals.
Or what was it again or how?

Anyway tonight i will ask for a face massage (which also fall under the 'yes' exercises)

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