Tuesday, October 19, 2010

over come

maybe this orgasm thing
is too much for me
so much emotions
i could not even start to tell
even if i wanted
maybe the ones who have orgasms
somehow stronger
or is it
that they know
how to be weak


  1. Like most things in life, there are two opposite parts to it...

    There's definitely a kind of surrender in orgasm, giving oneself over to pleasure, letting it wash over and take you away, like the tide.

    On the flip side, there's the more aggresive, lustful part, greedily taking what you needed, drawing out every sensation and investing yourself within it as fully as possible.

    I wouldn't worry about it because that's counter-productive. The right amount of the proper stimulant (alcohol perhaps) might help you to relax enough to let things happen.

    (Even if you never arrive, it can still be a fun trip!)

  2. Eric, i first went to your profile and everything else! to get to know you a bit. 'cause well it's kind of strange to talk to strangers this way :)
    I like what you say, about the agressive side! I am terribly...over zealous. As now with music here in the background, i dance wild when alone, scream loud only for joy.
    I am soooo happy with my new lover, i can go all the way with him. Whereas with others i have always held back maybe, worried about my extreme side.
    Now with me, good 'ol me, can i go all the way sexually?

    katrin x

  3. I'm sure you'll find your way... good luck!