Saturday, October 9, 2010

imagine the photo

am i okay?

to just want you

to long for you

where ever i look

to find all sort of reasons why

or why not

even when i say

it's all good

knowing it is not

you enfold me

i am already in your arms

and that's why i cannot move

that's why everything i do

it's not real

all that is real is what i feel

your arms around me

even when they're not.

YOU, with you i can be the fuddle forever and all the time, and now i dance, swirl around on the wood floor and i paint some more, strokes of bright yellow, and deep blue lines, it really doesn't matter does it that i ..... am ....this way. Will you still love me, when all i want is make love to you.

I love this friggin' life

snow me in, snow

frost you cannot freeze me

do you see me

i dance here naked and hit a key when flying by

and really this is how i believe life to be, not a care in the world, just to know you love me and i loving you.

my question always is

can i live this way

can i live on just love

i did go out and filled the woodbox

i did go out and picked greens, brushing off the snow

i did put away that the ladder

now we are as high as we can be

Lets live our dream

when we don't

who will

1 comment:

  1. I love this. It is so full of you. It is how I think of you and see you in my minds eye. However different we are there is a lot that is the same too. To find someone with whom you can be a fuddle forever is pretty much the best thing ever.

    Somehow this speaks so loudly, I can almost hear you from here. xx Jos