Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what you don't see

what you don't see
is that is it snowing right now
that we quickly cover over
the woodpile behind me
in the dark early morning
naked under my snow suit
what you don't see
is the that the story goes on
after the picture's taken
what you don't see
is that the story is right there
taking the shot
what you don't see
is who's sitting beside me

Recently i made it to the front cover of a local magazine. Monthly i attend a writers group. This one night it just happened to be, that i went out in public with my new lover for the first time. And i like to say; my gosh, the paparazzi was right there, no privacy. Of course i am not famous in this way :)

myheartrightsideupand i, where meeting in secret up till that day. This day we did decide, to just do what i normally do, but with him. I long for that, to just be able to live this life of loving openly, called polyamory. I still am only here most open about it, my husband slowly being introduced to me. It is really me and my husband and lover(s) that i think have to know. And here i just want to express it and learn more.
I am still totally enamored by the secretness of it. Loving it that his arm (his godly arm, i love him so) is in the photo, on this magazine. 'Cover girl almost exposed'. We did not know that there would be a photographer there, that day. The leader of the group did ask if anyone had objections.
What do you say, when it just happened to be your first day, and nobody knows.

what you do see
is that i radiate
and i wish you could see
that i love working with my husband
our warm bodies
just out of bed
in the snow
getting ready for winter
you don't see
how happy it makes me
to work with him
something we never did well
and somehow
we are able to


  1. Have not decided (and may stop trying to figure it out!) why I REALLY like your blog. It is not the nakedness, or talk of that, it is definitely something else.

    Could it be that you are a FINE writer of prose, poetry, and even a good photographer? Wellll, just maybe that is IT!

    As said the violinist (me) I'll be BACH!

  2. Hi Steve, i guess i'll be Beethoven.
    Thank you! I often wonder why i am attracted to certain people (or blogs), i like to think there's something more than just the facts.